For versions before 9.2, the default password should be empty. However, for versions after 9.2, the PostgreSQL installer installs with the the special NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService, and the postgres account isn't created. If you want to use the "postgres" default user in windows, you need run the installer with the --serviceaccount postgres option
service postgresql initdb systemctl start postgresql systemctl enable postgresql service postgresql restart. 5. Modify the pg_hba.conf file located under 6. Create local user and set user password. adduser automation sudo su passwd automation. 7. Login as postgres and connect to database.
Setting a password for the postgres user¶. On Linux systems, there is no default password set. Change the ident method to md5. Save and close the file. Restart PostgreSQL and enter your password when prompted. You should be able to access the psql console.
postgres=# \password Enter new password: Enter it again: postgres=#. This command won't leave any track of your password anywhere in the system or use the "postgres" database user solely for administration purposes; never use it for your standard/user applications. PostgreSQL allows you to...